Bitcoin Tipping App Cheers: Musicians „type“ made easy

The concept of using digital currencies for tipping is entering a new hot phase with the „Cheers“ app. The Tipping App makes it very easy for the user to give musicians a „tip“ and could develop into another very interesting source of income for the artists themselves.

Cheers is a mobile platform that makes it possible to give a tip directly to your favourite artist via your mobile phone. Furthermore, information and messages can be exchanged with friends and new musicians can be searched and found.

Co-founder Justin Womersley sees the Tipping App as a good opportunity to revive the declining revenues of the music industry and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Cheers also offers music lovers a good way to get in touch with the artists, which is becoming increasingly difficult in a digitalized world like today.

Womersley explains Bitcoin evolution

„The modern Bitcoin evolution music streaming concept may be beautiful and comfortable for the user, but it’s not so great for the musicians. In addition, this model creates an emotional barrier that keeps the fan away from the musician. That’s why we wanted to create a tool that would bring both sides closer together again like explained in this review about the Bitcoin evolution.“

In addition to the music, the platform should also offer space for other artists, filmmakers, bloggers, graphic artists or designers in the future.

The concept of Bitcoin evolution

With the Tipping App Cheers the user can tip his favourite musician whenever he wants. Be it in a bar with a cosy beer or when he is following the latest tracks on Facebook. Bitcoin evolution is currently working on an iOS app that will be launched for this purpose in the next few weeks, says Womersley.

A fascinating feature of the Bitcoin evolution app is the automatic music recognition. So the user has the possibility to let Cheers recognize music titles and musicians. This is very practical, for example, if you want to give a tip to an artist who may not be so well known, or if you just want to know more about the singer. For music recognition Cheers uses the database of „The Echo Nest“, a music database with over 35 million songs, which is also used by Spotify and BBC.

After the Tipping App has recognized the song and the singer, the user can write a private message to the artist or simply „type“ or „cheer“ in Bitcoin. After the cheer, i.e. the tip, has been sent, the user can easily share the action on Facebook with his friends.

Womersley added that Cheers wants to use the power of the community to improve the service. Artists who are not yet in the database can be added by the Cheers Community. Among other things, the community acts as a kind of information source for new and interesting artists.

Remarkably, an artist doesn’t even have to register with the platform to receive the Bitcoins sent to him. Womersley also added:

„We want to use the entire community to build cheers. The community decides in which direction the platform will develop. Of course we have a vision of what we want to build, but the community will help us and decide which way we go“.

Womersley said that a very well-known band had already approached Cheers. Which band it was couldn’t say exactly, but he noticed the jumping Cheers enthusiasm.