Crypto mining: Browser Opera now also protects smartphones

27. Oktober 2018

Yesterday, Monday, the new mobile version of the free browser Opera was released. It protects not only desktop users but also users of tablet PCs and smartphones against the mining of crypto currencies. If you activate the Ad Blocker with the new version of the app on Android or iOS, you are protected against all unwanted scripts at the same time.

The desktop version of Opera has been offering this new Bitcoin evolution

In our special Bitcoin evolution review last year, we explained in detail how cybercriminals can use the CPU power of third parties to their advantage. One of the variants shown abuses the computing power of the target computers via a Javascript, which was built into a website. One of the first legal providers was the Bitcoin evolution website of the world-famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, where the CoinHive script was activated for a few days. After the international press reported about it, the mining there was switched off again. According to anti-piracy companies, numerous illegal streaming websites have installed such mining scripts to date in order to maximize their revenues.

However, mobile surfers who visit such websites with their smartphones are also affected by the unwanted exploitation of the processors. In the best case scenario, the battery runs out within a very short time. In individual cases, the devices are even said to have overheated. The desktop version of the browser Opera has been offering mining protection since January 4, 2018; yesterday, Monday, the mobile app for Android and iOS devices followed suit. Those who switch on their own advertising blocker after the update are safe from all harmful scripts as well as advertising.

The Norwegian browser manufacturer Opera estimates that around one billion devices are abused in this way every day. On more than three million websites, such malware was found using special crawlers (a specially programmed search software for analysing the web).

The free browser Opera

The news portal ZDNet reports a case in which a new type of Trojan named Loapi causes Android smartphones to dramatically overheat their batteries. A smartphone was completely destroyed within 48 hours. But Loapi can also cause quite other damage. Since the beginning of December, for the benefit of cyber criminals, paid text messages and other paid services have been used without further confirmation by the user. The malware can even execute DDoS attacks on request, as Kaspersky Lab reports. Due to the intensive use of the battery due to the high volume of data, the battery was overheated in the laboratory to such an extent that the device finally broke down after 48 hours. The reason for this is simple: in just 24 hours, more than 28,000 websites were accessed via which online advertising was delivered to the victim. In addition, the CPU was heated by the CPU-intensive crypto-mining.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should buy the mobile version of Opera, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Probably the other browser manufacturers will soon follow suit in order not to be left behind by the competition. Overall, this development is quite positive, as it should make hackers‘ business less profitable in the long run.

Altcoin echo: 70 percent plus for Stellar (XLM), TenX (PAY) increases by 90 percent

23. Oktober 2018

Strong price gains for Stellar (XLM) and TenX (PAY). The price of Stellars Lumen rose by almost 70 per cent in one week. The PAY token from Julian Hosp’s TenX project even has a weekly gain of 90 per cent.

Stellar is currently doing its logo credit: the Stellar course has risen almost rocket-like over the last seven days. The course registers an increase of 67.24 per cent for the past week. For the past 24 hours, Lumen can show a plus of 9.26 percent. The Stellar price (XLM) is thus currently around 0.31 US dollars (0.27). The total market capitalisation is 5.7 billion US dollars (5 billion euros), while the 24-hour trading volume is around 270 million US dollars (232 million euros). The increase comes a week after Coinbase announced on Twitter that Stellars Lumen has prospects of listing on the crypto exchange. Furthermore, this week the news made the rounds that Stellar is the only crypto currency to have received the rating „halal“. The Shariyah Review Bureau in Saudi Arabia already issued a corresponding certificate at the beginning of June.

Has Stellar escaped the downward trend?

With the rally of the last few days, the Stellar price could rise above the exponential moving averages EMA50 and EMA100. The price is currently testing the downward trend it has followed since January. Should it overcome the downward trend, further targets of 0.33 US dollars (0.28 euros), 0.38 US dollars (0.33 euros) and 0.44 US dollars (0.38 euros) would be achievable. Even if a positive and rising MACD raises such hopes, the overbought RSI points more towards consolidation. In this the price can fall to the EMA50, which is currently at 0.24 US dollars (0.21 euros). If this support is breached and the EMA100 support currently at 0.22 US dollars (0.19 euros) cannot be maintained, the price fireworks will ultimately only burn straw and Stellar would have returned to the downward trend.

TenX: Weekly plus of 90 per cent

Stellar’s strong weekly balance is even exceeded by the TenX price: The project from Singapore can look back on the past seven days with a saturated plus of 90 percent. The price of the PAY token rose from USD 0.57 (EUR 0.49) to USD 1.07 (EUR 0.92) within a week. The bullish version of last week’s TenX price analysis has thus been confirmed for now. It has a total market capitalization of around 120 million US dollars (103 million euros) and a 24-hour trading volume of around 17 million US dollars (15.3 million euros).

After testing the downward trend that has existed since the end of January, the Kus fell back somewhat, but is currently able to hold above the exponential moving averages. From the perspective of the falling MACD, a consolidation to the exponential moving average EMA50 is possible. If the price rises above the resistance at 1.25 US dollars (1.08 euros), a second test of the downward trend would take place. If this is breached, the price targets of 1.67 US dollars (1.44 euros) and 2.04 US dollars (1.76 US dollars) that were announced last week can be targeted.